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MCQs or Objectives on Power Systems | Only4electrical | Electrical objectives question and answers|

Mcqs or Objective Question on Power System | Power systems Questions And Answers| Only4electrical |

1).Which of the following rotor is used in thermal power plants ?
a)    Cylindrical rotor
b)    Salient rotor
c)    Either of these
d)    Squirrel cage rotor

2). Which of the following is/are the base load plants?
a)    Thermal plants
b)    Nuclear plant
c)    Hydro plant   
d)    All of the above  

3.Objectives of power system is/are
a)    Rated voltage and frequency has to be supplied to the consumer    
b)    Cost of electrical energy per KWh is to be minimum
c)    Both 1 and 2
d)    Nether 1 nor 2

4). Peak load power plants is/are?
a)    Diesel plant   
b)    Pumped stored power plant
c)    Nuclear power plant
d)    Both 1 and 2

5). The value of diversity factor is
a)    1  
b)    0
c)    Less the 1
d)    Grater then 1

6). Plant capacity factor value is ?
a)    1
b)    0
c)    Grater then 1
d)    Less then 1

7). Pumped storage power plant is a
a)    Peak load plant  
b)    Base load power plant
c)    Both 1 and 2
d)    Non of the above

8). Advantage of pumped storage power plant is/are
a)    Most economical as a peak load supply plant
b)    Operating time is minimum
c)    Used as load frequency control
d)    All of the above

9). Which of the following plant is/are base load plants
a)    run of river
b)    Nuclear
c)    Pumped storage    
d)    Both 1 and 2

10). What is the function of economiser in steam boiler
a)    Colling
b)    Improve thermal efficiency
c)    Collect ash particles
d)    All of the above

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