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Mcqs on power system | Objective questions on Power system | only4electrical Mcqs

Mcqs On Power System | Objective questions On Power system | Only4electrical  

1).For variable heads of near about but less then 30 meters, which type of turbine is used in hydro power station ?
a)    Pelton
b)    Kaplan
c)    Francis
d)    Non of the above

2).Major share of power produced in India is through
a)    Thermal plant
b)    Hydro plant
c)    Nuclear plant   
d)    Diesel plant  

3). More efficient plants are used as
a)    Base load plant    
b)    Peak load plant
c)    Both 1 and 2
d)    Non of the above

4). Which of the following statement is/are true regarding infinite line ?
a)    It has infinite length   
b)    It has infinite voltage
c)    It maintains the constant voltage
d)    Both 2 and 3

5). for which one of the following types of motors, is the equal area criterion for stability applicable?
a)    Three phase synchronous motor  
b)    Three phase induction motor
c)    DC series motor
d)    DC shunt motor

6). In thermal power stations, economiser will
a)    Increase the thermal efficiency
b)    Reduce the thermal efficiency
c)    Reduce the Heat
d)    both 2 and 3

7). pulversed coal is
a)    Coal free from ash  
b)    Non smoking coal
c)    Coal which bums for long time
d)    Coal broken into fine particles

8). Which of the following is considered as superior Quality of coal ?
a)    Bituminous coal
b)    Peat
c)    lignite
d)    coke

9). stock bridge dampers are used in case hill areas to over come the which problem ?
a)    Unequal ice loading
b)    Increase string efficiency
c)    Increase power factor    
d)    All of the above

10). Tidal power plant is a example of which of the following plant ?
a)    Base load plant
b)    Peak load plant
c)    Either 1 or 2
d)    Non of the above

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