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Mcqs or Objective Questions On power system | only4electrial | Electrical Objective Questions And answers

Mcqs or Objective Questions On power systems | only4electrical | Electrical Objective Questions and answers 

1). What is the approximate efficiency of a normal thermal power station ?
a)    30-40%
b)    45-55%
c)    20-25%
d)    60-70%

2). The advantage of hydro electric power station over thermal power station is
a)    The initial cost of hydro electric power station is low
b)    The operation cost of hydro electric power station is low
c)    Hydro electric power station can supply the power throughout the year   
d)    Hydro electric station can be constructed at the place where the energy is required  

3). In which of the following frequency control method tie line may be overloaded
a)    Flat frequency control    
b)    Flat tie line control
c)    Parallel frequency
d)    All of the above

4).Which of the following statements is/are true ?
a)    A thermal reactor needs a moderator materiel   
b)    In nuclear reactor, mltiplication factor is kept almost equal to one
c)    Nuclear power plants are used as peak load plants only
d)    Both 1 and 2

5) A power station has a maximum demand of 15 MW. The plant capacity is 20 MW. Find the reserve capacity of the plant?
a)    5 MW  
b)    15 MW
c)    20 MW
d)    10 MW

6) When a pumped storage power plant is operated in conjunction with a steam power plant
a)    The operating cost of the steam plant become optimum
b)    load factor of the steam plant is increased
c)    Chances of the tripping of the system decreas
d)    All of the above

7).Demand factor of a plant is
a)    0  
b)    1
c)    Less then 1
d)    Greater then 1

8).The economics of power plant is greatly influenced by
a)    Load factor
b)    Diversity factor
c)    Both 1 and 2
d)    Nether 1 nor 2

9).Pelton turbine is a.......turbine
a)    Axial flow
b)    Inword radial flow
c)    Impulsive    
d)    any of the above

10). Which of the following is low specific speed turbine ?
a)    Pelton
b)    Kaplan
c)    Francis
d)    Non of the above

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