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Core Type Transformer | Core type Transformer Diagram

Based on the Type of construction Transformer is classified into two type they are 
1.Core type transformer 
2.Shell type transformer 
3. Berry type transformer

Core type transformer :

The Magnetic core is a stack of thin steel Laminations about 0.35 thick for 50Hz transformer and to reduce eddy current losses , these laminations are insulated from each other by thin layer of varnish. For reducing iron losses the almost all the transformers have their magnetic core made from cold rolled grain oriented steel (CRGO). This material has low core loss and high permeability.

In iron core transformer the winding surround a considerable part of steel core, in shell type the steel core surrounds a major part of the winding. In core type transformer cruciform or stepped core is used as shown in figure. The main advantage of stepped core is reduced the volume of the copper and this type of transformer is mainly used in the distribution transformer 

In iron cored transformer , the maximum amount of flux is confined to high permeability core. There is some of the flux leaks trough the core legs and non magnetic material surrounding the core. this flux called leakage flux, links one winding and not the other. To reduce this leakage flux in the core type transformer the half of the low voltage (LV) winding over one leg (limb) and other half over half over the second leg or limb. LV winding is placed near to steel core and HV winding outside, in order to minimize the amount of the insulation requirement.   

Constructional details of single phase
i)core type transformer     ii) Shell type transformer 

This concept can be easily understood by comparing both core type and shell type transformer 

  1. In core type transformer the copper winding surround the iron core, In shell type transformer core is surround the copper winding 
  2. In core type transformer LV winding is placed near to the steel core and HV winding outside,in shell type transformer the LV and HV coils are wound over the central limb and are interleaved or sandwiched ( bottom and top LV coils are half the size other LV coil ) 
  3. In core type transformer , the flux has a single path around the limb, In the shell type transformer the flux in the central limb divides equally and returns trough the outer two limbs 
  4. Core type transformer construction is used for high voltage, low current,high power and in shell type transformer construction is used for low voltage, High current ,low power transformer 
  5. concentric coils are used in core type transformer , interleaved or sandwiched coils for shell type transformer.

Core type transformer 
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