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Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages | Solar Energy Reliable | Only4electrical

Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages | Only4electrical

Solar Energy s radiant light and heat from the  sun and we using in Technologies Such as solar heating , photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, solar architecture, It is the one of the important source of renewable Energy The  availability of solar energy is higher in magnitude and available in the world every day which makes its a highly appealing source of electricity 

The following are the advantages of solar energy 

  1. Renewable Energy: It is a renewable and clean energy which is available everyday life
  2. Pollution free : Solar is pollution free there is no any greenhouse gases emitted After installing the solar panels 
  3. Reduced Dependent foreign oil and fuzzy fuel 
  4. Reduced electricity bill : since you will be meeting some of your energy need with the electricity your solar system generated your energy will drop.how much you save on bill will depend on the size of solar plate. not only save on bill if you generate energy more, you can export the surpluses to the grid back
  5. Virtually low maintenance
  6. Installed anywhere on a building 
  7. You can use the batteries to store the extra generated energy for using at night 
  8. Solar is safer then traditional electric current 
  9. Solar can be used for the water heating, power house, buildings etc
  10. Solar energy in the solar power industries is a constantly advancing and improvement will intensely in future

The following are the Disadvantages of Solar energy System or Disadvantages of solar pannels for your home 

  1. Cost : The initial cost for purchasing solar system components are high [Solar Energy system is constantly developing Technology assume that the cost will reduced in future]
  2. Weather Dependent : Solar energy can be collected in rainy days but the efficiency of the solar system will be reduced
  3. More space requirement : Need lot of space as efficiency is not 100% yet
  4. The device which are working on dc power directly are very expansive 
  5. Size of the solar panels are depend on the geographical locations on same amount of the power generated 
  6. No solar energy at night so we can not generate energy at night. Need large storage battery bank. Which is economically not good.
  7. Solar panel are not bulk producer due to lack of material and technology.
  8. Solar power cars are do not have same speed as normal gas power cars. 


Solar energy advantages and disadvantages

solar energy advantage and disadvantage

solar power advantages 
solar power disadvantages
solar energy advantages 
solar energy disadvantages