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How Does a Wind Turbine Works | How does a wind energy Works | only4electrical

How Does A Wind Turbine Works | How does a wind Energy Works | only4electrical

Wind Energy Princile of Operation :

Wind turbine operates on a simple principle. The energy in the wind turns two or three propeller like blades around a rotor. The rotor is connected to the main shaft, which spins a generator to create electricity.

Then how wind turbine makes electricity? Simply stated that . a wind turbine works opposite of a fan, it means fan is using electricity to make wind , but the turbine is using wind to make electricity. The wind turbine consist of blades, which rotates the shaft, which connected to a generator to make the electricity.

The term wind energy or wind power describe the process by which wind is used to generate electrical power or mechanical power. The mechanical power can be used for the specific  task , it may be used for generating electricity, grinding grain, pumping water. generator are used converting the mechanical energy to electrical energy.


The modern wind turbine are classified in two basic groups 
  • Horizontal-axis variety
Horizontal axis wind turbine are the most common type used. all the component are on the top of the tower and blades are face into wind , the shaft is horizontal to the ground, horizontal axis variety turbine typically have either two or tree blades. wind hits the blades of the turbine which makes to rotate the shaft and the generator connected to shaft convert rotational energy to electrical energy. After generation of electricity by generator send to the power grid.

The wind turbine also has some key elements that helpful increase the efficiency. Inside the Nacelle (head) is , wind vane, an anemometer and controller that read the speed and direction of the wind. As  the wind changes direction, a motor ( yaw motor ) turns the nacelle so the blades are always facing the wind.
  • Vertical axis design:  
In the  vertical axis design the shaft , blade are connected vertical to ground and all of the important component are closer to the ground. Wind turbine is near to ground but horizontal turbine is on the top of the tower. Vertical axis turbine are two types lift based and drag based. Lift based turbine are generally much more efficient than drag or paddle type turbine.

Drawbacks of Wind Energy :

  1. Wind is inconsistent: Wind energy has a common with solar in consistency. wind energy renewable energy but the speed of the wind is fluctuate each day 
  2. Higher installation cast: It require higher installation cost. it means the first strep to installing the turbine is usually to do a rigorous survey to determine the wind speed of the location
  3. Can reduced local bird population: Wind turbines are disadvantageous for local bird. lot of birds deaths are caused by the turbine blades. the reason is that that collaboration with turbine blades has been reported in this area 
  4. Noise disturbances:  This is the one of the main disadvantage of wind turbine
  5.  takes up significant portion of land
  6. suited to particular region