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Hydroelectric power plant basic questions and answers | MCQS on hydroelectric power plant 03

1).The function of a surge tank is to.
a)    supply water at constant pressure.
b)    relieve water hammer pressures in the penstock pipe.
c)    produce surge in the pipeline.
d)    none of the above.

2).water hammer occurs in.
a)    surge tank.
b)    penstock.
c)    turbine casing.
d)    draft tube.

3).In a medium or high head hydroelectric power station,a surge tank is provided to.
a)    reduce the length of the penstock pipes.
b)    augment water at the forebay.
c)    control the pressure variations in the pennstock pipes due to sudden load changes.
d)    control the water flow through the turbine.

4).where is the draft tube of a hydropower station that is an airtight pipe located.
a)    Near the surge tank.
b)    In between the penstock and the runner.
c)    In between the runner exhaust and the tailrace.
d)    At the beginning of pennstock.

5).The draft tube is provided to.
a)    raise the water surface of the stream to create an artificial head.
b)    reduce the effect of water hammer.
c)    increase the acting head on the water wheel.
d)    none of the above.

6).For variable heads of near above but less than 30 metres which type of turbines is used in hydropower stations.
a)    pelton.
b)    kaplan.
c)    Francis.
d)    None of the above.

7).For harnessing lower variable water heads,the suitable hydraulic turbine with high percentage of reaction and runner adjustable vanes is.
a)    kaplan.
b)    Francis.
c)    pelton.
d)    Impeller.

8).For harnessing low variable water heads the suitable hydroulic turbine with reaction and adjustable vanes is.
a)    Francis.
b)    Impeller.
c)    kaplan.
d)    pelton.

9).For high head and low discharge the water turbine used is.
a)    pelton. wheel.
b)    kaplan turbine.
c)    Francis turbine.
d)    propeller turbine.

10).The specific speed (Ns) of a turbine is given by the equation.
a)    Ns=N√P/H0.75
b)    Ns=√N.P/H3/2
c)    Ns=N√P/H1.25
d)    Ns=N√P/H2/3

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