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Hydroelectric power plant basic question and answers | Mcqs on hydroelectric power plant 04

1).The "specific speed" of a water turbine is the speed at which the turbine develops.
a)    maximum horse power.
b)    unit horse power at all heads.
c)    unit horse power at unit head.
d)    minimum horse power.

2).The specific speeds of kaplan, francis and pelton turbines are in.
a)    The increasing order.
b)    The decreasing order.
c)    neither increasing nor decreasing order.
d)    none of all.

3).An impulse turbine.
a)    is most suited for low head and high discharge power plants.
b)    operates by initial complete conversion to kinetic energy.
c)    makes use of a draft tube.
d)    always operates submerged.

4).Turbines installed at Bhakra Nangal are.
a)    pelton wheels.
b)    Francis turbines.
c)    Kaplan turbines.
d)    propeller turbines.

5).In water turbines the runaway speed of pelton wheel is.
a)    1.8 times rated speed.
b)    2-22 times rated speed.
c)    25-3 times rated speed.
d)    full load speed.

6).The number of buckets (Z) for a pelton wheel in terms of jet rati(m) is given by empirical relation.
a)    Z=15 m+0.5.
b)    Z=0.5 m+15.
c)    Z=2 m+15.
d)    Z=2+15 m.

7).In reaction turbine, the function of draft tube is to.
a)    reduce water hammer.
b)    increase flow rate of water.
c)    convert kinetic energy of water to potential energy by a gradual expansion in divergent pan.
d)    none of the above.

8).In Francis turbine of blades is usually of the order of.
a)    16-24.
b)    8-10.
c)    6-8.
d)    3-6.

9).The maximum head of a kaplan turbine is limited to.
a)    25 m.
b)    70 m.
c)    125 m.
d)    185 m.

10).which of the following statements is/are correct, In pumped storage power plants.
a)    water is recirculated through water turbines.
b)    reversible turbines are used which operate as turbines for
power generation during peak load hours and as pumps for
pumping water during peak-off hours.

c)    plain Francis turbines are used.
d)    both (a) and (c) above are employed.

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