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Hydroelectric Power Plant Basic Questions and Answers | MCQs on hydroelectric power plant 02

1).If the discharge is 1 m3/s and head of the water is 1 m, then the
power generated by the alternator in one hour(assume 100%
efficiency of generator and turbine) wiil be.

a)    10 kW.
b)    73/75 kW.
c)    746/75 kW.
d)    100 kW.

2). An hydroelectric power station is supplied from a reservoir of
capacity 3x107 m3 at a head of 150 m. the overall efficiency of
the power plant is 70%. Energy available from the plant will be.

a)    12.2625x106 kWh.
b)    8.58375x106 kWh.
c)    1.25x106 kWh.
d)    0.875x106 kWh.

3).A hydroelectric power station is commonly found in.
a)    desert areas.
b)    hilly areas.
c)    swamps.
d)    grasslands.

4).If power P available from a hydro-scheme is given by the formula P = 9.81QH, where Q is the flow rate through the turbine in l/s and H  is the head in meters, then P will be in units of 
a)    W
b)    HP
c)   kj/s
d)   kWh

5).The factor affecting the run off are.
a)    rain fall pattern,shape and size of catchment area.
b)    the topography and nature of soil in the catchment area.
c)    tamount of vegetation ad weather condition in the catchment area.
d)    all of the above.

6).The flow duration curve at a given head of a hydroelectric plant is used to determine 
a)    Total power available at the site.
b)    Total unit energy available.
c)    Load factor at the plant.
d)    Diversity factor for the plant.

7).The area under a flow duration curve represent.
a)    total units of energy available.
b)    total power available.
c)    total quality of run-off during that period.
d)    maximum rate of run-off during that period.

8). A mass curve can be plotted from.
a)    Load duration curve.
b)    Chronological load curve.
c)    Energy load curve.
d)    Both load duration curve and chronological load curve.

9). Storage requirement can be determined from.
a)    hydro graph.
b)    flow duration curve.
c)    mass duration curve.
d)    either by hydro graph or chronological load curve.

10).AIn hydropower station what is an enlarged body of water just above the intake and used as a regulating reservoir called ?.
a)    Spillways.
b)    Forebay.
c)    Reservoir.
d)    Penstock.

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